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We are actively working behind the scenes to create the next Stratagy Circle experience. It is shaping up to be an event unlike any other. We are excited about what the future holds. While we are working on creating the next world class event, take a look at www.strataleadership.com for more information about our additional services.

Past Events - Hobby Lobby
Dec 5-7, 2012

Oklahoma City, OK

Hobby Lobby believes they can be better servants to their customers when their employees are happy, feel respected and honored. Employees in turn, pass along a better attitude and approach to their colleagues and customers. Hobby Lobby has successfully dedicated themselves to placing employees first, thereby reducing employee turnover, and all while remaining profitable in one of the nation’s worst economic downturns.


Hobby Lobby shares its financial success with its employees. This is evidenced by increasing the hourly wage for full-time employees to 80% above the national minimum over a four-year period. Few companies can say they share their financial success with their employees in the same way.


We are partnering with Hobby Lobby to host Stratagy Circle at their expansive 4.1 million square-foot corporate headquarters, manufacturing and distribution center in Oklahoma City. Participants will interact with Hobby Lobby’s top management to learn the principles behind programs and policies that allow them to build a team of dedicated workers. Learn how Hobby Lobby can open over 30 new stores each year in a challenging economic environment.


What started as a picture frame company founded in a garage by David Green in 1970, is today a major Oklahoma City-based private corporation ranking in the top 200 on Forbes List of America’s Largest Private Companies with revenues in excess of $3 billion.

With over 500 stores across the nation, this major Oklahoma City-based private corporation carries no long-term debt, is open only 66 hours per week, and closed every Sunday.


  • > David Green - CEO & Founder of Hobby Lobby
  • > Joel Manby - President & CEO of Herschend Family Entertainment Corporation
  • > Michael Hyatt - Author of "Platform", Social Media Leader, Former CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers
  • > Pattye Moore - Chairman of the Board of Red Robin Gourmet Burgers, Former President of SONIC Corp.
  • > Pete Winemiller - Senior VP of Guest Relations at NBA's Oklahoma City Thunder
  • > Tom Hill - Chairman of the Board of Kimray
  • > Nathan Mellor - President of Character First & Strata Leadership, LLC

Limited to 100 attendees.

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TOTAL COST: $3,795
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Stratagy Circle is an experience designed for leaders seeking to strategically shape their organization's culture. Utilizing an interactive and engaging format, we convene a team of practitioners who are willing to share their personal experiences on building and maintaining a healthy culture. Each Stratagy Circle experience is based upon a specific layer of the strata of leadership.   

Our goal is to assist you in your effort to nurture a culture that engenders trust, promotes job satisfaction and produces world famous customer experiences. We provide concrete tools that establish a culture of consistency based upon character and competence.   

In our work with over 1,850 companies across the globe, we found a growing desire among key leaders to come together to learn how to lead their organizations in new ways. In response to this need, we created Stratagy Circle to bring together key leaders in groups of 100 to consider how to shape their organization’s culture.


Stratagy Circle is a 2 ½ day immersive case study into the operation and culture of the host organization. It is a practical, hands-on experience for executives and key leaders seeking a mixture of inspiration and instruction.


Stratagy Circle is exclusive.

Each session is limited to 100 or less participants. Those invited to join Stratagy Circle are those who are currently shaping their organization's culture such as executives and key leaders.

Host organizations and locations are world class.

Each session is hosted by organizations that have been selected due to their winning record regarding the key concept being showcased. Imagine how walking the halls of our host sites will give you an insiders view into how other organizations are working to shape and sustain their unique cultures.

Our core faculty is among the best in the world.

In addition to hearing from influencers from the host organizations, you will also been given access to a core faculty that is comprised of some of the most qualified and talented practitioners in the world.

We specialize in providing practical resources you can use when you return.

As leaders, we know how difficult it can be to find resources you can use in your company. Consequently, our staff works to make sure when you return home, you have concrete resources you can share with the rest of your team.

We are the follow-up people.

Your involvement with the Stratagy Circle begins with a 2 ½ day session but it doesn't end there. As part of your registration fee, you will be paired with one of our talented executive coaches who will facilitate two, one-hour sessions with you. Our coaches are carefully paired with participants based upon their interests and specific needs. In addition, we provide access to a secure online community where leaders can dialogue about the challenges they are facing and celebrate their success stories. We will also work to help achieve maximum retention of the concepts learned through the Stratagy Circle by sending periodic emails specifically designed for your community.



We are looking for the people who feel responsible for shaping the culture of their organization.  Often this includes Presidents, CEO's, EVP's, Directors, Dean's and others passionate about their organization's culture.  This is also a great opportunity for current leaders to provide emerging leaders an opportunity to participate in a life changing event together.


Membership within Stratagy Circle is invite only.  We are continually seeking to add participants that are actively shaping the culture of their organization.  If you are interested in becoming a part of Stratagy Circle, please request an invitation.


The cost to participate is $3,795 per person.  This fee includes the cost of the meals, the private executive coaching sessions and all required materials (workbooks, etc.).  Additionally, it includes access to our library of online resources, customized leadership assessments, and access to a network of key leaders.  This fee does not include transportation costs to the event and the cost of lodging.